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Here are some resources that I've found useful. I hope you do too!

Hidden Loyalties and Self Sabotage
- Family Constellations, Shavasti
Introduction to Family Constellations
with Brigitte Sztab
Three Dimensions of Consciousness
- Dan Booth Cohen,
PhD Systemic Family Constellations
The Inherited Mind - Dan Booth Cohen,
PhD Systemic Family Constellations

Rejecting our parents comes at a high cost:

-  What we reject in our parents, we reject in ourselves.

- We’ll also reject these aspects in our children.

- When we reject our parents we lose access to an energetic ancestral life-flow. We’ll feel weaker in life, less able to stand and face life’s waves. We’ll get knocked over a lot.

"The Constellation Healing workshop I attended that Tracy facilitated was to me by far the most amazing turning point in my life. It was a life changing experience to me."

- Belinda

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