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Go on a journey by the stream and come in contact with a gift from your ancestors.

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Kia Ora, I'm Tracy!

By whatever means that bought you here, whether searching for support or you magically found your way to this site, it is an honor to have you here.


This site is full of resources, ideas and information about events and services that will help you get healing and insights.

Let's work together:

What is Family Constellation?

"Family Constellations is a therapeutic approach, designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics within our energy or family system, which maybe creating issues or burdens for us."

Constellation work is often referred to as 'a movement of the soul'. This is a method of looking at an issue in your life and seeing what sits behind it. Working in the unseen multi-dimensional field that surrounds us all.
When we have tried multiple times to solve an issue, or if we are struggling to heal from a medical or emotional difficulty, then Constellation's is a fantastic tool to help us explore what sits behind it.

Beautiful Nature
"The Constellation Healing workshop I attended that Tracy facilitated was to me by far the most amazing turning point in my life. It was a life changing experience to me."

- Belinda

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