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What is Family Constellations?

Intergenerational healing - Whakapapa healing

"Family Constellations is a therapeutic approach, designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics within our energy or family system, which maybe creating issues or burdens for us."

Constellation work is often referred to as 'a movement of the soul'.

This is a method of looking at an issue in your life and seeing what sits behind it. Working in the unseen multi-dimensional field that surrounds us all.

When we have tried multiple times to solve an issue, or if we are struggling to heal from a medical or emotional difficulty, then Constellation's is a fantastic tool to help us explore what sits behind it.

What to expect

With Constellation's we look to see if there are any entanglement with an event, trauma, misfortune or deed that was not addressed by the ancestors. As this energy will continue to appear within the family system/soul.

Maybe there is someone missing from your family system? Is it possible they died early or disappeared? could it be that someone was involved in a crime but never paid their dues? If a child dies young or is a still born, miscarried, aborted or adopted out and nobody is allowed to talk about the event.

This can have a huge impact on our lives, creating burdens disease, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, shame, grief, guilt, anger and much more.

My intention with offering this work is to allow you a safe space to explore, to find insight and maybe even resolution.

'It is a richly rewarding process, most of my clients experience some insights into their own system whether they sit in the hot seat or not.​'

Is this right for you?

A lot of my clients want to know if this is the right treatment for them.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to find out if this practice is right for you:
- Have you had recurring issues?
- Do you suffer from trauma?
- Health problems?
- Are you feeling lost? or Anxious with no sense of why?
- Are you struggling with Addiction, anxiety, shame, grief or anger?
- Are you repeating your parents relationship?

Do you have any mental health issues? Bipolar? Schizophrenia? are you medicated? it is your responsibility to inform me of such, this is so we are both clear on this and can move forward with this knowledge in hand.

I am more than happy to have a free phone conversation with you to discuss this further.

Let's work together!

You can either join one of my workshops under Events or book in a one on one under Service.

If you still have questions, just contact me and I'm happy to answer (Contact)

Or start with this short audio journey:

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Go on a journey by the stream and come in contact with a gift from your ancestors. Sign up to receive the free audio.

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