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Before a constellation questionnaire 

Nourish you body mind and soul with CACAO, enjoy the benefits of this ancient plant medicine as it supports your gut health, opens your heart both physically and emotionally, and activates to bliss and joy molecules in the brain.

Hidden Loyalties and Self Sabotage -
Family Constellations
Introduction to Family Constellations
with Brigitte Sztab
Three Dimensions of Consciousness -
Dan Booth Cohen,
PhD Systemic Family Constellations
The Inherited Mind - Dan Booth Cohen,
PhD Systemic Family Constellations

Rejecting our parents comes at a high cost:

~ What we reject in our parents, we reject in ourselves.

~ We’ll also reject these aspects in our children.

~ When we reject our parents we lose access to an energetic ancestral life-flow. We’ll feel weaker in life, less able to stand and face life’s waves. We’ll get knocked over a lot.


"It felt like a massive weight lifted off my shoulders. Going in for this session I had no idea what to expect and I walked out feeling 10x better. 
Highly recommend anyone to go in with an open mind and watch the magic happen. Guaranteed to see and feel a change within your self. I was struggling and now I see a different perspective on things." 

By Tanay Smith (Constellation one on one)


The Constellation Healing workshop I attended that Tracy facilitated was to me by far the most amazing turning point in my life. It was a life changing experience to me.
Since I can remember I had a painful and resentful emotion towards my late mother....
She was never "the mother figure" as I grew up, I was her mother and it continued till the day of her death...
I could not understand how or why she was never available for me, her only child? Now... After the workshop I see things through a complete different light... She was a woman consumed in grief and loss.
I could see she did not have the resources to overcome her pain and sorrow and much more.
I have set her free and through that I have open and unlocked the cell I kept myself in for years.
I'm free, I'm a new person, I'm a new lighter and happy me!!!!

Thank you Tracy for this wonderful workshop that has set me free of years of pain and resentment.
May my mum r.i.p.💖💖💖

Belinda - KeriKeri

I love you're work

I love that you make it your own

I love that you follow your truth as a process

I love that you allow everybody their process with out undue intervention

I really appreciate what I learn from you.

Thank you.

Bindy Caesar-(Constellation workshop)

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