Where Are The Workshops Held?

I am based in Whangarei Northland, where I hold regular workshops. 

Other venues are Russell, Kerikeri, Orewa, Raglan, & Taupo.

 # If you would like to host a workshop in your area, please feel free to contact me for further details.


What Happens In A Workshop?

A workshop allows you to sit on the outside of your own family system and see what is happening from a different view. As other members of the workshop represent your family emotions, or health process. This is not acting nor is it psycho drama and there are no scripts. We are tapping into the unseen energy system that we all have around us and concentrating this energy within a specific area we call the knowing field. With the intention of allowing a safe and welcoming space for insight and possibly resolution to occur. Representatives experience feelings and sensations in their bodies and around them, while being fully aware that these do not belong to them. In fact part of the essence of the ancestor or thing they are representing.


Does Everyone Have To Represent?

No! This is completely up to you and it is important you honor yourself if you don't feel comfortable representing for a constellation however, it is encouraged you have a go at some point. As a representative you may find out insight into your own system. Participants often comment that the person or thing they have just represented resonated with something within their own family system.(Bonus)


If payment is an obstacle please feel free to contact me to discuss options.

#Payments can be made to

 Tracy Cartwright



all workshops and one on ones will be held online for the time coming.


This retreat  has been postponed until later

this year,dates to be confirmed.


Constellations and adventures in Bali.

MAY 13th-20th (movement) MAY 23rd - 30th (flow)

join myself Daring Donna,and Samantha for adventure, healing,
laughter friendship, movement, new experiences.

On offer: Constellation day

Daily restorative yoga

Balinese cooking class

Sound and energy healing on waterbeds

Traditional water purification ceremony.

Balinese massage

Walking up Mt Batur(volcano)* on movement

Jewelry making * on flow

more information available contact me

Sarah Peyton's first NZ workshop

SARAH PEYTON is definitely coming to Auckland on Labour weekend Oct 2020. Click here to find out more

I am so excited to be hosting Sarah for her first visit to New Zealand.

Check out the links to see more information about Sarah , her work and her book 'Your Resonant self'


Check out whats going on at the Twin Lakes retreat. I will be running regular workshops there as well as facilitating Holistic detox retreats and solo retreats.

We have some exciting plans coming up in the near future so be sure to check back in and see whats on offer.

** 188 Totara Park Lane Glenbervie, off Ngunguru rd. Two driveways before the Glenbervie school with a cluster of letterboxes at the beginning, go straight ahead, the driveway splits, stay to the left with the large rocks on your right, this is a private road and it is just under 2 kms to the retreat, you may feel as though you are entering someones farm yard, but stick to the main path and follow the small signs.

you can phone +64212491770 if you need help.

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