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Belonging, Order and balance - Online

31 Jul 2024

This online workshop series will help you strengthening your relationships and future self by clearing any entanglements that might be holding you back.

Since the beginning of human evolution, the family has been a survival group. We are tribal beings and have ancient instincts that drive us to keep our group together, to preserve and respect a safe hierarchy and to keep balance and harmony among members.

1. BELONGING: everyone has the right to belong

2. ORDER: those who came earlier have precedence

3. BALANCE: there should be a balance of giving and taking

3 weeks, 3 hours, $150 NZD

  • Wednesday 31 July 11.30-14.30 NZT Online

  • Wednesday 7 Aug 11.30-14.30 NZT Online

  • Wednesday 14 Aug 11.30-14.30 NZT Online

This is a highly involved workshop so it’s important that you can be fully present. Max 10 participants.

If you're in New Zealand you can also register by transferring $150 to my account 'Tracy Cartwright

06-0493-0529040-00' and send me an email that you've registered at

For more information contact Tracy Cartwright at

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